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The Alocasia polly, also known as the African Mask Plant, is native to subtropical Asia and Australia. This plant appreciates a bright and humid environment in the home or office. Its dark green leaves are shaped like an arrowhead with highly defined silvery green veins..

Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’ is an impressive, spreading, easy-to-grow, evergreen and generally low maintenance perennial plant. This cultivar produces attractive variegated leaves marbled with white coloring.

Philodendron ‘Jose Buono’ is a Philodendron cultivar, favoured for its unique and (generally) stable variegated leaves. It is a climbing Philodendron with coracious, elliptical to oblong leaf blades. The variegation is white to lemon green, from small patches to half moon leaves.

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Dating back to the 7th century, Ikebana focuses on the importance of proportion and asymmetrical aesthetics. However, many of the properties that are appreciated in Ikebana are similar to those respected when growing Bonsai. As a child, Kifumi marveled at her uncle’s ability to grow beautiful Bonsai on a shelf in his home and also watched her mother successfully grow them in her home. Ultimately, she learned from her family many of the tricks to growing these amazing plants..


Nearly everyone can appreciate the beauty of an orchid in bloom. Not only is it breathtaking, but it’s also an extremely long-lasting flower – sometimes blooming for months! But what do you do with an orchid when it has been over a year and has not re-bloomed? Or what if the leaves are starting to turn yellow? These are very common challenges for orchid-lovers and Kifumi has some simple solutions for these tribulations and more!

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Exotic Plants Circle is the best plant site right Now! your packaging is super secure and Monstera Albo I got from your site is super beautiful….. they really go above and beyond what’s required of a plant seller…. Can’t wait to make my next order
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Just received my first order from Exotic Plants circle, and am so impressed! The plants arrived well-packaged with no damage, and look fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!
Juan Carlos

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